Always changing, never the same.

Inspired by creators and open roads.

Inspired by YOU.

Believers in community and the power of unity.

Called to explore the wild spaces. Called to protect the wild places.

Eager to consume the colors of the world.


The music that flows through these bones is not ours to keep.

Vibrations old as time through which we discover the inner and outer workings of our selves.


Texans by birth, wanderers by choice.


On a rainy day you can find us splashing in the puddles.

On a sunny day you can find us singing in the greenbelt.

Come play!


And seriously, y’all, the much too much jokes never get old.



When it comes to harmonies, Much 2 Much is more than enough. It is an indie-folk collaboration by longtime friends and local Austinites Erin Thelen and Angie Holliday. What started as an acoustic duo rooted in folk and classical trainings has metamorphosed into a 4-piece project that is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings. Much 2 Much have been active in the music capital of the world since 2016.


Much 2 Much is folk music, it’s soul, it’s pop, but it’s also greater than the sum of its parts. Layering haunting vocal harmonies on top of mellow instrumental grooves, their music is a mirror. They sing and play what you feel – joy, pain, connectivity, tranquility – in an enchanting arrangement of both acoustic and electric instruments.


Thelen and Holliday have been crafting intricate harmonies together for nearly a decade, originally at McCallum High School’s Fine Arts Academy. The project was first born in the jungles of Southeast Asia in 2015, where the soul sisters embraced the compatibility of their voices and songwriting styles, and decided to actualize the band upon returning home. Accompanied by guitar, keys, double bass, and drums, their smooth sounds and expressive dynamic are sure to enchant. At times it might seem like a game of musical chairs is being played on stage, as the band swaps instruments and throws a vocal loop into the mix.


“Their music is soulful and ethereal, full of evocative, intricate harmonies and fluid songwriting.” – Ethan Ames, The Deli.


Book public or private gigs at much2muchband@gmail.com


Erin Thelen (vocals, guitar)
Angie Holliday (vocals, keys)
Tyler Irvine (drums)
Alex Browne (bass)