Always changing, never the same.

Inspired by creators and open roads.

Inspired by YOU.

Believers in community and the power of unity.

Called to explore the wild spaces. Called to protect the wild places.

Eager to consume the colors of the world.


The music that flows through these bones is not ours to keep.

Vibrations old as time through which we discover the inner and outer workings of our selves.


Texans by birth, wanderers by choice.


On a rainy day you can find us splashing in the puddles.

On a sunny day you can find us singing in the greenbelt.

Come play!


And seriously, y’all, the much too much jokes never get old.



Much 2 Much is an indie folk band from Austin, TX. Leading ladies Erin Thelen and Angie Holliday have been crafting intricate harmonies together for nearly a decade. The project was first born in the jungles of Southeast Asia in 2015, where the soul sisters embraced the compatibility of their voices and the magic of collaboration.

Accompanied by guitar, ukulele, keys, double bass, and percussion, their smooth sounds and expressive dynamic are sure to enchant. M2M fills the room with playful chemistry while sharing messages of empowerment and connection. Unique harmonies dance on top of mellow instrumental grooves. At times it might seem like a game of musical chairs is being played on stage, as the band swaps instruments and throws a vocal loop into the mix.

At first glance they might seem like a simple acoustic act, but there is depth to be found in their musicality and intimate lyricism. Whether performing as a duo on top of a mountain or as a four-piece band around Austin (One-2-One Bar, The Townsend, Swan Dive, Mohawk, Austin Eastciders), Holliday and Thelen masterfully recreate visions of the landscapes and moments which inspired many of their songs.

Much 2 Much is currently recording their debut album.